Bowling Pin League

How it Works:
This shooting event is a bracketed head-to-head double elimination         competition. The first bracket consists of around 24 shooters who will then be split into two more brackets, a winners and a loser’s bracket. Shooting will continue until we are down to one participant. Skill level of the shooters will be determined before the match, each participant will be given a “color code” indicating their experience level and the number of pins they will be given to shoot. Red= Experienced Shooter (5 pins at the front of the table) White= Intermediate Shooter (4 pins in the center of the table) Blue= Beginner Shooter (3 pins at the back of the table)
Pins are set on tables 7 yards from the firing line and the head-to-head matchup begins with an audible start. Shooters are required to wait at the firing line in the “low ready” position with their firearm pointed down range, safety on (if supplied) and trigger finger outside the trigger guard until the start is signaled. The competitor who knocks all of their pins to the floor first wins. The winner moves to the winner’s bracket and the loser moves to the loser’s bracket. Each              contestant competes until they have two losses.
New pins weigh around 4lbs each. As the shoot progresses, the pins get heavier as they fill with lead. They are used until they can no longer stand up. 
Prizes will be awarded to 1st 2nd and 3rd place after each event.
Bowling pin leagues are fun!  Their popularity has increased dramatically nationwide.  Come see what the excitement is all about!!!!!!
What you need:
•A Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver of your choice. Caliber must be 9mm or greater for semi-automatic and .38 special or greater for revolvers.
•Magazines or Speed Loaders:  20 rounds total per head-to-head competition and 10 rounds max per magazine. So, if you have two 15 round magazines you are only allowed to have 10 rounds in each magazine. You can have as many speed loaders as necessary to hold 20 rounds total. We do not allow shooters to load magazines or speed-loaders at the firing line during competition as it slows down the shooting process for other shooters.
•100-150 rounds. Higher velocity ammunition will help knock the bowling pins off the table. Hollow point ammunition will be more effective than ball or FMJ. 
If you reload please read and follow your reloading manuals, and do not exceed SAAMI pressure guidelines.
•Eye & Ear Protection: Hearing and eye protection must be worn 100% of the time in the range. If you need eyes or ears we have a nice selection in our retail area for you to purchase.
•Holster or Gun Case: We require firearms to be brought to the line unloaded and either holstered or in a gun case separate from the magazines. We strongly recommend traditional hip holsters. Cross-draw, small of the back, ankle holsters and shoulder holsters are not permitted. Inside the waist band holsters are also not allowed.  The holster must secure the pistol, cover the trigger guard, and be worn on a belt.  Blackhawk Serpa or similar holsters requiring trigger finger release mechanisms are not recommended and not allowed for many other competitive shooting events at RMGC.  Leather holsters are acceptable provided they are ridged enough to remain open.  In general, we recommend Kydex or injection molded polymer holsters when possible.



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