Archery Pro/Bow Technician

Randy Brabek, Professional Archery shooter for Matthew's Inc. Bows, has been participating in Archery for 45 years.  In those years, he has set all the Colorado State Archery records in the Freestyle Limited Pro Division.  Those records stand to this day.  He is a Southwest Sectional Champion, 4 time National Champion, 3 time World Archery Festival Champion, and a World Team Champion.  Randy was presented with the Master Bowhunter Award, from the National Field Archery Association, at the age of 16.  
Randy is a certified NFAA (National Field Archery Association) Instructor, and has attended the bow tuning clinic, taught by Frank Pearson.
He is also the inventor of the Total Bow Performance system, which allows bow tuning and leveling at full draw.

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Tuesday- Saturday


545 31 Road
Grand Junction, CO

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