Concealed Handgun Course - $50/$100 - Every Third Saturday of the month - 9am-12pm / 12pm-5pm

Comprehensive course on legal aspects of concealed carry, along with weapon handling skills.  Includes time on the TI training simulator and on the range.  Required Equipment: sturdy belt, looped pants or shorts, holster, magazine pouch, three magazines, speed loader if shooting revolver, eye and ear protection, and knee pads if preferred by the shooter.

$50 covers just the law portion of the class. Will also go over mindset and repercussions. 
$100 covers the whole day if you provide your own weapon/ammo/equipment.

F.L.A.G. (Fight Like A Girl) - $50 - Generally on the 1st Saturday of the month, but keep an eye on the calendar.

This course is intended for females to give them practical knowledge on how to effectively defend themselves unarmed. Look for companion refreshers called Friday Night Fights which will run $10 and cover specific ideas presented in the F.L.A.G. course.  

TI Simulation Training - $40/hr or $25/30min - Anytime

Use of the TI Simulator is per hour and can be used in 'Arcade Mode' or as a powerful scenario training tool. 

1 on 1 Personal Training - $50/hr - By Appointment Only

1 on 1 Training with one of our talented training staff on whatever you choose. Staff member to be determined by what you want trained in. 


Other Classes Are available by appointment. Please Call 970-523-7642 for more information on signing up for these courses. 

Most anything you would like to know can be taught on a 1 on 1 basis. We have also started working with other outside training entities such as Defenders USA and Victory Defense Council on having their trainers use our facility to further help diversify our training and give you the best all around training we can give. 


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